Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Great Yasawa Adventure !!!!!!

From Manta-Ray Resort to Blue Lagoon, Nanuya and Tavewa Islands, up to Namastaya Bay on Yasawa Island and back to Musket Cove by way of Waya and Prt Denarau, we spent some great quality time with friends and ourselves on these beautiful islands and it gave us a chance to sail and enjoy the reality of cruising here. Even though we had been in this area before, we met many new local friends and explored some great reefs. The pictures, of course, tell the story much better than my words.
 First on the agenda in Blue Lagoon was to go to the farm for fresh veggies with Peter and Diana
 Next adventure was to find Patrick's parents and deliver some goods to them from Musket Cove.
 We hiked over the hill to visit a new village and met some great people.
 Zack's house is way up on the hill, over-looking the ocean and his smile tells it all.
 As we walked the trail, we ran into a few friends we had met two years ago.
 Of  course, Bill remembered our names and gave us each a big hug!
 We were able to re-connect with Lindsay, Steve, and Lindsay's niece; it was good to see them!
 Picking our own veggies is by far the best thing ever and I certainly was ready to eat them!
 Prices are very fair and Millie and her family are great people
 What a wonderful helper.
 Walking back to our Blue Lagoon anchorage, the view was spectacular, with Sidewinder on the right.
 Two years ago, Sami helped us take Sidewinder to Lautoka from here. Here is Lai, Ani, and Peter, his family.
 Jemellie, Lindsay and Steve's yacht, at the end of the magnificent rainbow!
 In Namastaya Bay, Sidewinder sat happily all by herself, while we explored the island across the way.
 What a resourceful man Captain David is! Fresh coconut on the pristine beach. It was so peaceful here.

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