Sunday, April 21, 2013

From San Francisco to Laguna Beach and The New Year Begins

After staying with Mony and Don in their incredible San Francisco home, having dinner with Tori and Summer, and visiting with Coo and Alex, we headed home to start the New Year with family and friends.

 The drive from San Francisco to Laguna Beach was spectacular, with a surprise stay over at Esalen.
 Wonderful warm hot springs, great food, and amazing massages. What a treat!

 Christmas was so special, meeting Julie's new family and having some quality time with Casey.

                 On Christmas day,  David, Casey, Julie and I enjoy an incredible seafood brunch. YUM!
 We get to meet our new God-son, Kai, with new parents Robert and Kelita. In years past, they sailed with us on their sv Freedom and now they have a new crew member; we will see them again on the high seas!

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