Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Laguna Beach Back to Fiji

We spent our last week of vacation in the states in Luci's little casita next to Kris and Marc's home on the Top of the World, and we watched as the fog rolled in along the coast. It was a perfect way to say good-bye to our wonderful friends and enjoy the paradise we so love. We did have a good flight back to Sidewinder in Vuda Point and began working immediately to get ourselves back in the water and out of the marina by the begiining of April. At least it is still April and we have, indeed, escaped the confines of the marina. But......there is always still work to be done!  Nice to be on the blue-green clear warm water once again.  Life is good.
 It was a treasure spending so much time with my dear friend, Kris, and enjoying time with Luci
  The casita santuary on Top of the World is absolutely breath-taking. Thank you Luci and Marc!
 We were blessed by Seta and his family with a kava ceremony to send us back out to sea safely.
 Here he is, today,  in Musket Cove;  Captain Dave never ceases to amaze me with all he can do!
 Moe lifted Sidewinder out of her hole, onto the hard, and then took us to the marina water for final tuning..
We will miss our special friends, Heather and Steve, who will be headed to Tonga soon. We have enjoyed their friendship and look forward to meeting them again, out there on the blue water.

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Heather said...

Snazzy dinghy cover! Great to catch up, hope we share a nice anchorage somewhere out there again. Keep in touch, H&S