Sunday, May 13, 2012

Still in Opua Waiting for the Next Weather Window

 Sailing into Opua was a great rush of relief for us.
Our dear Gecko who managed to hang with us all last season, finally died due to the cold. We were so sad.
After our crazy day in Auckland, we enoyed being with Beth and Ken to celebrate the B-day! YAHOO!

With the leg infection gone, re-finance documents notarized one more time in Auckland, a birthday celebration lasting for two days, and a Happy Mother's Day to all, we are now waiting again for the next weather window to Fiji. Of course, we are in the middle of tightening the rigging and the pouring rain is forcing us to enjoy the coziness of Sidewinder today, as I catch up on the blog.  We are both thankful that David's leg pain was caused by an infection inside the leg which responded to the anti-biotics given by the doctor in Pahia, and he is now fully aware that his partially blocked veins make him more vulnerable to bacteria in that area of his body. After seeing the doctor one more time last week and supplying ourselves with more anti-biotics, we readied ourselves to leave for Fiji, provisioning one more time, and hoped to leave last Thursday. But on Wednesday we were notified that our re-finance documents needed to be notarized one more time, so we made the decision to rent a car on Friday, drive to Auckland one more time, and successfully signed with the US Consulate notary, leaving them with another $300 USD. My birthday present will be when the re-finance is complete and I am sure that will happen this week. On our return, we were able to touch base with Kiwi friends, Mike and Tony, as well as have yummy pizza on board Eagles Wings, with Ken and Beth. Unfortunately, we got an illegal parking citation but by running to the county office at 4:15,  during rush hour traffic, I was able to pay the $113, squeezing into the closing door at 4:27PM on a Friday afternoon. That, again, was a birthday present to the city of Whangarei and after crying, I was smiling because I had made it!. Crazy 65th Birthday, don't ya think?!? Lucky for me, our friends on ACappella invited us over to have a birthday dinner with some other cruising friends on Saturday, and I did get to toast friends and enjoy the celebration of reaching the young age of 65 with lots of spunky spirit and good health.  I am so fortunate to be able to live life to the fullest each and every day and I cherish it all. This morning, even in the rain, I treated myself to another wonderful yoga class at the community center, and now we are once again getting ready to make the trip to Fiji.  ACappella, Jackster, and Inspiration Lady are all planning on making this trip so we will be in good company.  We wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms we know and hope that their kids are appreciating them as much as we do. Love to all!   Suzi and David

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