Tuesday, May 1, 2012


To those who are following The Adventures of Suzi and David: They began their crossing from New Zealand to Fiji but hit a glitch the first day out. I will be posting their sailmails throughout the crossing. Regards to all, Kris
We left yesterday afternoon and headed northeast at a nice clip which became faster and faster, as the wind increased continually up. David slept for a couple of hours and woke up suddenly with excruciating pain in his lower right calf where his vericose veins have always been, and was very ready to have someone cut his leg off. This has happened several times these last few weeks, but not nearly as severe. We decided to stop, gibe, and slog our way up to Opua, where our NZ adventure began, and we hope to find a doctor somewhere close by. I keep nodding off while I am writing this, so I must go to bed right now. I will give you more details tomorrow after we find a doctor. PHEW !  He hated making this decision, but I would hate to have something weird happen to him during the passage. Love, Suzi

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