Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Blog is alive, I hope ???

After months of frustations with this blog I think we have figured it out. Not without the help of my Nephew Jim who is holding my hand as we speak even though he is 10,000 miles away and on the other side of the world. Got to love these computers don't you ??? Wish I was born about 40 years later, I might have a better handle on all this.
Suzi and I are in Palau which is a small island group on the far western side of  The Federation of Micronesia. It's supported by America so uses the USA $$, measures in Feet and inches and uses gallons instead of liters for liquid. I will add more later but first I need to know if this post is going through. Like I said before, we haven't been able to do this for a while and I don't want to ramble on if it's not going to work. Talk more soon -