Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taking Fond Memories of Vanuatu People and Spirit As We Head North

Time to be on our way, enjoying the last of the islands of Vanuatu and preparing ourselves for the sail to Pohnpei, Micronesa, for cyclone season. It has been a wonderful trip through these magical, lush green isalnds and the people have welcomed us with warm smiles and generous ways.  We have been traveling way too fast and regret not having enough time to spend with the people, as well as snorkeling and diving these pristine waters. The weather drives us at this time of the year and so I must just be happy with where we have been and grateful for the connections we were able to make. Pictures tell so much more, so I do hope this internet connection will allow me to send a few more wonderful memories your way. Love to all!
 The expertise these people desplay sailing and paddling between islands is amazing. They venture out in conditions that leave us hunkered down at anchor and think nothing of it.
 Transporting themselves while fishing, laughing, and living their lives to the fullest in Malakula.
 I enjoyed singing with these women and sharing the family spirit, while David hung with the guys, talking about selecting the right piece of wood to carve a ore out of. It takes about a day to make one ore using nothing but a machete and some strong arms.
 Chief Joseph brought the cruisers in the bay some roasted pig, yams, and salad to share.
 Each time we arrive in a new place, we experience the calm and peace. Asanvari Bay is exceptional!
 Alex, David and Ian spent some time talking about life while Suzi hiked the beautiful falls.
 These are the two who would like to share their waterfall with the world and bring some stimulation to the village. They love their village, but want their families to expand and learn about the world beyond themselves. They do cherish what they have, but they also want the village children to have more opportunities and education.   How lucky we are to get to know these people and we hope their dreams come true.( notice the waterfall in the background )

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