Friday, August 30, 2013

Vanuatu Volcano

The volcano was a "E" ticket ride for sure !!! I got some great photos but even they don't convey the power, sound and feeling of smallness that you felt standing on the edge looking down into that pit of molten lava when it erupted. Oh I might add that I also felt stupid for being there flirting with nature. It kept running through my mind that the whole damn thing could blow up at any moment and we wouldn't have a chance in hell of fleeing. IT was an experience of a life time and only in Vanuatu could you get within 5 miles of that thing. In the States it may be 10 miles !!!! When we get to Port Vila and have internet again we'll post some shots that might give you a feeling of what it was like but I already know they won't do it justice. On a whole Vanuatu is much more primitive than anywhere we have been so far with the native housing all thatched huts with dirt paths passing between them but it's pretty as hell and the pride they have in their meager existence is obvious. The beaches are beautiful and the main one here in Port Resolution even has a crude shower up under the palm trees. The kids all have smiles on their faces and the adults are very approachable and quick with their own smiles. I think we may be moving on to the next island tomorrow, sort of depends on the weather grib forecast.

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