Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Loving Life at Musket Cove

This morning, after stretching and doing my JT exercises, I sat down to meditate and looked out over the beautiful blue water with warm gentle tradewinds blowing, keeping me cool, thinking about just how marvelous our life happens to be.  It is already May 9 and here we are, still in Musket Cove!!!  There are moments of wanting to get on with it and do some sailing, but we have so enjoyed being here, meeting lots of new friends, attempting to surf, snorkeling, hiking, meditating, golfing, and getting lots of necessary Sidewinder projects completed, realizing that being on the warm, clear water is quite amazing. We will leave here for a short excursion to a few islands before heading back to Vuda Point, but not sure exactly when. Meanwhile, the life out here is special and appreciating that is so very important. Love to all!
 David and Brazilain friend, John, with Don driving his little boat, on our first day out to the waves of Namotu. We tried Swimming Pools and then Lefts.  It was great just being out there!
 Lots of snorkeling to be had around Namotu as well. Great diving at Wilks pass on the left (right side)
 Feeling refreshed after being in the water, but it was hard work trying to catch waves with the current so strong. Waves have come up since this photo, and we are in awe of those who can surf these monsters!
 David has managed to make a new fish table, new ores for the dinghy, re-build the head, and now, fix the steering wheel pedestal.which is cracked. His skills with fiber-glass are being perfected.
 Capt Dave is such an amazing worker; he solves Sidewinder problems with such tenacity!
I am managing to have great fun while doing what needs to be done. Sometimes my jobs seem to be less productive, but they are definitely important!

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