Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Moments to Remember!

 Everyone helped Bill and Hazel clebrate Bill's 69th birthday in style.
 Cathy, from s/v Wings is a delightful Australian who makes Musket Cove so special.
 Wayne and Diana visited John and Susan on s/v Raj, just in time to celebrate a new year!
 After a magical morning of surfing with big-wave Dave,  Wayne's celebration of  life day was the best!
 We had a great sail over to Naviti island with Raj; Wayne caught us a perfect dinner to share.
 Reef waves often seem to be pretty awesome.  Might be a bit scary, though!

 At Korovou Eco Resort we got to know some wonderful young people traveling from all over the world.
 Ziggy and James serenaded us and we all sang. Ziggy is a wonderful guitarist.

 Doesn't get much better than this!
 Diving in at the Manta-Ray Resort is a special adventure. Such stunning colors and clarity!

The Musket Cove Volleyball Team is the best!  What a fun time watching them compete!

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