Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taveuni Touches Our Hearts and Souls

Our week at Beverley Bay with Ken and Beth from Eagle's Wings included great evenings at the little restaurant on the hill above the bay, as well as fascinating experiments with anchoring the dinghies.                                     
                          Lovely Berina supplied us with yummy fresh veggies when we walked into Matei.            
 From the yachts, we would ride into shore and catch rides to our destinations.
   Harry owns the land up the hill and drove us south to the carnival last Friday.
 The carnival at the Secondary School near Somasoma Village celebrated culture and student talent.
 The wonderful performances brought back some very fond memories from teaching high school.
 These kids danced and sang to help stop drug abuse; seems to be a common concern to people everywhere
 The Warrior Dance was done with precision, pride, and high energy..
 Sidewinder was able to fill her water tanks with the help of Captain Dave :)
 Suzi and Beth had a great time cooking a delicious Fiji feast on Eagle's Wings
 What a great evening we had!

             Spectacular sunsets soothed our souls!
 Sissy loved her visit to Eagle's Wings on Sunday.  Sonny is a talented artist and we all have a part of him now on our boats. What a great family and we will keep in touch with them as we travel on.
Sherry has bright eyes and a contagious smile. She does a great deal to help out her fellow Fijians on Taveuni.  We will carry our new friendships with us and someday, we hope to see them again.

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Anonymous said...

Taveuni is a really great place. The locals there are so friendly and real. We stayed at Tuvununus and the people were awesome. Have you got the motor fixed yet? I hope so, and that you shred that surf soon at Susui! Enjoy Vanuabalavu. Your fans want to see action photos! From, Florida Jeff