Friday, June 22, 2012

Fawn Harbor Fun and Viani Bay Bliss

 As we ventured into Bagasau Village with ACappella and Inspiration Lady friends, we were warmly welcomed by the beautiful people. We presented our kava (sevu sevu)to the head master who then passed it onto the chief. This was the first kava ceremony for Cornelia, Ed, Jackie, and Gary and it was great kava !!!
 Kava is pounded into a soft powder which is then mixed carefully with fresh clean water.
 Each person is given some in a coconut cup, as everyone chants "Bula !" and claps 3 times.
 As the ceremony continues David enjoys entertaining the chief and the elders. They think he is very funny :)
 Our friends from Savusavu who own Bebi Electronics, specializing in LED lights for cruisers, started their company here in Fawn Harbor, as a cottage industry which helps to benefit the villagers.
 These wonderful workers enjoyed our visit to their "factory" and the bula spirit lives on here as well.
 We now have four of Bebi's lights and they are fantastic.
 David guided us up to the hotsprings and we enjoyed the afternoon there soaking.

 It was a great venture had by all of us and we are so glad we stayed here for these few days.
 Off to Viani Bay and Rainbow Reef with some great clear weather and flat seas.
 The snorkeling is spectacular as you can see.  The colorful coral and incredible fish make this area one of the best in the world. Four days were not even enough. Hard to move on from such a site!

 Suzi and David are definitely in their element here. What a privilege to see what nature shares with us!
How very lucky we are!


Richard said...

So good to see that you hooked up with the Bebi people. Ours did sterling service. (ex-Mandy's)

Virginia Cross said...

OK, I took another look at the photo of David entertaining the chief. The look on the Chiefs face is exactly what I thought most of the time listening to Davids sagas. "This guy is really full of s...t but I sure do love him!"