Sunday, December 11, 2011

Made it to Nelson

Well we made it to Nelson, arriving around 10:00 last night. It was a long 3 1/2 days but really could've been much worse. Most wind we saw was just under 30 knts and the seas never got over 2 meters. The worse part was having to hand steer the whole damn way!! Nick, our friend from Vuda Point in Fiji whom we were helping out by crewing for him, failed to mention that the auto pilot was on the blink!! Maybe he knew that if he had told us it would've been a deal breaker!!! Six hours each day each of us was at the helm steering to a compass heading which is not that easy with a sailboat that wants to pull out into the wind or gets slapped by waves, sending it off course the other way. It keeps you on your toes and quite tiring to say the least.  But we made it and Suzi will tell you more about it later. See ya, David

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