Thursday, September 1, 2011


We are anchored off of a town called Nambouwalu, a ferry stop for people coming from Vitti Levu going to Vanua Levu. Unfortunately we have discovered a salt water leak in the engine and will need to repair it before adventuring to the Yasawas. We will know tomorrow whether it can be fixed. Poor David!   We are being chased by the next weather system and hope we can find a safe place to anchor by Saturday night. Wind and rain covers the entire area for three days..........amazing. We are now feeling really lucky to have one or two days when we can dive in the water, snorkel, and sit in the sun. We certainly do appreciate it now!!!!!  We did have a beautiful day at Namena yesterday and a good sail to here today.  We have to be gone by 10 AM tomorrow morning or we will be run over by the ferry. It is squally and windy right now, and luckily, we are secure here.  Love, S

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